Deckguard® – Spray Applied Membrane

Deckguard® Spray Membrane System

Deckguard® Spray Membrane is a 100% solids two-component, bridge-grade elastomeric coating used to waterproof both steel and concrete bridge decks. Applied using plural spray equipment, Deckguard® provides a seamless, flexible, extremely durable barrier against water penetration and stray current.


  • Deckguard® Spray Membrane is specifically engineered for use on highway and railroad bridge decks, bridge abutments, pier caps, tunnels and pedestrian walkways.
  • Deckguard® Spray Membrane can be used on intermodal and LRT rail bridges with or without protection board, providing fast turnaround for demanding schedules.

Typical highway bridge waterproofed with PolyUrea membrane and seeded with a layer of shear resistant aggregate

Ballast Test apparatus exerts an oscillating live load from 8 kips to 28 kips for 2.0 million cycles

Protective capping of piers with PolyUrea membrane to waterproof exposed concrete and protect against ingress of road salt contaminants

Ballast Test steel plate coated with 80 mils of Deckguard® Membrane, ready for full cycle testing against ballast penetration