Expansion Joint Systems


  1. Delcrete® Elastomeric Concrete
  2. Steelflex® SSE2M or SSA2 Rail Profiles
  3. .25″ x 2″ x 2″ Leveling Tab
  4. Neoprene Sealing Element
  5. .5″ Expansion Anchor with Threaded Rod and Hex Jam Nuts “Leveling Method”
  6. .5″ Diameter x 9″ Stud Anchor at 9″ Spacing (Bent 90° at 3″) “Anchor Method”

Since its introduction in 1983, the Delcrete® Elastomeric Concrete/Strip Seal Expansion Joint System has been utilized on hundreds of bridges worldwide as an alternative to more labor intensive, cast-in-place expansion joint rehabilitation solutions.

Delcrete® Elastomeric Concrete is a pour-in-place, free-flowing, two-part polyurethane-based elastomeric concrete.

  • Excellent bond strength to concrete and steel
  • Can accept traffic in one-to-two hours depending on temperature at time of installation
  • Non-brittle over extreme temperature ranges
  • Resistant to nearly all chemicals
  • Permanent, long-term repair solution