Delpatch Elastomeric Concrete

Albuquerque Sunport International Airport

Delpatch Elastomeric Concrete is a 2-part polyurethane patching material mixed with proprietary aggregates. Delpatch Elastomeric Concrete has been specified and installed on airport runways and highways since 1983. Over time and through demonstrated field performance, Delpatch Elastomeric Concrete has proven to be extremely durable and cost-effective. Delpatch Elastomeric Concrete is the product of choice for owners looking for permanent concrete repair solutions.

CR 104, Olmstead County, MN

Delpatch Elastomeric Concrete Advantages:

  • High-load bearing capacity – Handles the weight of C-4s, 747s, and heavy truck traffic.
  • Outstanding anti-spalling properties – Delpatch is a long-term solution for high-performance pavement repairs.
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and steel – Laboratory tests show Delpatch withstands over 400 psi with concrete and 500 psi with steel.
  • Impact resistant – Under bitterly cold conditions Delpatch withstands heavy impact, unlike epoxy and concrete-based materials that shatter.
  • High compressive strength – Delpatch can handle heavy psi pressure before deflecting, and its memory allows it to return to its near original state after deflection.
  • Chemical resistant – Delpatch resists commonly used chemicals such as ASTM Oil #1, ASTM Fuel A, Ethylene Glycol, Freon, Isopropyl Alcohol, JP-4 JetFuel, Silicone Grease, Sodium Chloride, Mineral Oil, Trisodium Phosphate, and Potassium Acetate.
  • Easy to install – Delpatch is self-leveling and has a rapid cure time. This minimizes expensive downtime and allows for the return of traffic often within an hour of final pour. It also protects work crews by minimizing their exposure to heavy traffic.
  • Flexibility – Cement, Phosphate, Epoxy and most other high early strength repair materials prematurely fail because they are rigid. Rigid repair materials installed in rigid pavement require that the materials have similar coefficient of expansion. Most do not and, as a result, destroy the patch and the surrounding concrete. Delpatch utilizes a unique urethane chemistry to provide a flexible patch that will deflect as surrounding concrete expands and contracts, rather than destroy it.

Milwaukee International Airport

Sioux Falls International Airport







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