Bridge Sentry Systems



D.S. Brown offers high-powered data recording technology and analysis products/services for the next generation of smart bridges.

  • We offer continuous and simultaneous monitoring of both natural and man-made events
  • Provide real-time sensor data both locally and remotely
  • Multi-point distribution – monitoring management from any location with mobile carrier coverage
  • Supply Alert Management – Informed immediately during an event



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Proactively monitor structural performance under loads and material deterioration rates, record structural responses to extreme events earthquakes, hurricanes and floods and other significant events in the life of the structure. Identify the presence, isolate location, and extent of damages to the structure.

  • Extend the functional life of your bridges
  • Mitigate risk of catastrophic failure
  • Avoid closures and accelerate openings
  • Protect the user and your investment
  • Reduce inspection and maintenance costs