Delastic® Preformed Pavement Seals

Delastic® Preformed Pavement Seals are a primary sealing system for concrete pavement slabs in highways, airport aprons and runways.

Building highways and airport pavements to last is a challenging engineering assignment, especially when the pavement must withstand heavy traffic, weather extremes, debilitating fuels and de-icing chemicals. You need reliable products with a proven track record.


Delastic® Preformed Pavement Seals are extruded from compounds of neoprene (polychloroprene) which meet or exceed current ASTM standard specifications. They are compressed and remain in contact with the joint walls while allowing the concrete pavement to expand and contract during temperature changes. Delastic® Preformed Pavement Seals have proven to remain durable and effective through the years.

Delastic® Preformed Pavement Seals meet ASTM standard specifications. They are also recognized by the FHWA, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Air Force, consulting engineers and other agencies as an effective, long-lasting concrete pavement joint seal solution.

Memphis International Airport


  • Dramatic reduction in concrete joint spalling
  • Ability to seal joints even when moisture is present
  • Resistance to jet fuel and other chemicals
  • Speed of installation
  • Product cleanliness
  • Ease of inspection


Travis Air Force Base, Fairfield, CA – Delastic® Preformed Pavement Seals Installation