Isolation Bearing Design Template

  • By providing the following information you will assist D.S. Brown in better designing isolators for your bridge project.

  • 1. Basic drawing or sketches (plan and elevation) showing:

  • 1.1 Name and number of substructures (i.e. N. Abutment, Pier 2)

    Please email the Drawing or Sketch to

  • 1.2. Girder layout (number of girders and simple span or continuous)

    Please email the Drawing or Sketch to

  • 2. Structure information including:

  • 3. Service Loads:

  • 4. Seismic Loads:

  • 5. Limiting parameters, if applicable, such as:

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  • Based on the information you provide and a preliminary design performed by D.S. Brown, we will provide:

    • Bilinear and equivalent linear properties of the isolators for use in your analytical model
    • Information on modifying the response spectrum for the additional damping in the isolation system
    • Preliminary structural performance from our model including seismic force, seismic displacement, thermal forces and displacement due to wind

    Upon request, D.S. Brown will provide basic geometry and price estimates for the isolators, as well as assistance with specifications and connection details.

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