Demanding structural movements require Swivel Expansion Joints

Maurer System™ Swivel Expansion Joint Assembly

Swivel Expansion Joints manufactured by the D.S. Brown company are an excellent solution for joint locations that have unique and demanding structural movements. The swivel expansion joint assembly is designed for use on long-span structures, structures located in seismic zones and curved structures. Additionally, structures with differential longitudinal movements (caused by wind, thermal and seismic conditions) or differential vertical movements, and structures with anticipated substructure settlement will benefit from this expansion joint.

Swivel expansion joints are intentionally designed to handle more than conventional large movement expansion devices, which have limited longitudinal movements and transverse displacement. Swivel Expansion joints are made available in the United States through an exclusive license agreement between D.S. Brown and Maurer Sohne in Munich, Germany.

Performance Features Of The Swivel Expansion Joint Assembly

Displacements Image

By utilizing a common-to-all center-beam swiveling support bar, the Swivel Expansion Joint Assembly is able to accommodate large longitudinal displacements (X), extensive transverse displacements (Y), and vertical displacements (Z), as well as vertical rotations of up to 10 degrees. The center-beams are free to slide on swiveling support bars, which provide equidistant control for center-beams without the limitations of typical mechanical control devices.

Seismic Movement Capability Of The Swivel Expansion Joint Assembly

Dynamic tests conducted at the University of California at Berkeley subjected the Swivel Expansion Joint Assembly by D.S. Brown to high-velocity seismic displacements. This first-of-its-kind test program included velocities of more than 40 inches per second (1015mm/sec) in both longitudinal and transverse directions. The successful test results proved the unique capabilities of this patented device in seismic applications.

Resources & Support For The Swivel Expansion Joint Assembly

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