J & JP Series Sealing Systems Support The Most Critical Infrastructure

Above: J & JP Series Sealing System installation. The J & JP Series Sealing Systems include an extruded elastomeric profile and a high-strength, two-part epoxy-based structural adhesive.


As a designer, supplier and manufacturer of engineered rubber, steel and concrete products for the transportation and infrastructure sector, D.S. Brown is a critical partner in key bridge, pavement and architectural projects worldwide.

The J & JP Series Sealing Systems, one of D.S. Brown’s key proprietary product lines, includes an extruded elastomeric profile and a high-strength, two-part epoxy-based structural adhesive. The J & JP Series Sealing System, when inserted into an expansion joint in a substrate, will seal the opening from the intrusion of water and debris. This unique design allows the seal to function under compression as well as in tension.


  • J-Series Sealing System: (top right) The standard J-Series can be used for both bridge and highway as well as parking garage applications, where normal as well as vertical movements are a design parameter.
  • JP Series Sealing System: (bottom right) The JP-Series is designed for architectural applications that are required to meet ADA guidelines, providing a smooth pedestrian-friendly walking surface.

D.S. Brown’s team members manufacture and develop sealing and repair products for bridge, highway and airport markets at its facility in North Baltimore, Ohio.

J-Series Sealing Systems, modular joints, high-load bearings and other products were provided for an ambitious project to widen the New Jersey Turnpike, one of the most frequently traveled highways in the United States. The turnpike – which winds through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York State – was expanded to 12 lanes in some places.

Features and Benefits of J & JP Sealing Systems
  • Ease of Installation – J & JP Seals have specially designed internal webbing to facilitate installation and do not require the use of a vacuum to collapse or inflate the seal for purpose of installation.
  • Concrete and Steel Adhesive is VOC Compliant – The adhesive has a zero VOC rating. The material resists humidity, salt spray and extreme temperature ranges.
  • Fatigue Tested for One Million Cycles – The profiles were cyclically opened and closed in tension and compression for one million cycles. The seals were stretched to 200% of their original width with no bond failure.
  • No Blockout Recess Required – The J & JP-Series are a solid choice with the precast concrete industry in that no blockout recess is required. The seal profile can be installed directly between the joint interfaces.

J & JP Sealing System Products

Contact a D.S. Brown sales representative to purchase J & JP Sealing System products. The adhesive is a high-strength, two-part modified epoxy-based material. It is 100% reactive and will develop a strong bond in approximately 24 hours at room temperature.

  • Extruded elastomeric profiles are extruded from high-quality polychloroprene (neoprene) material.
    • (J-100, J-150, J-200, J-250, J-300, J-350, J-400, J-500)
    • (JP-100, JP-150, JP-200, JP-250, JP-300, JP-350, JP-400, JP-500)
  • High Strength Epoxy (Part A)
  • High Strength Epoxy (Part B)

Resources & Support for J & JP Sealing Systems

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About the D.S. Brown Company

The D.S. Brown Company, founded in 1890, designs, supplies and manufactures engineered rubber, steel and concrete products for the transportation and infrastructure sector. D.S. Brown’s proprietary product line includes expansion joints, structural bearings and waterproofing systems for constructing and rehabilitating highways and bridges. D.S. Brown’s home office and manufacturing facilities are in North Baltimore, Ohio.

D.S. Brown is fully integrated, performing and controlling all manufacturing processes internally:

  • Research and Development
  • Engineering Design/CAD Detailing
  • Extruding, Molding and Testing
  • Custom Steel Fabrication and Machining

D.S. Brown has the most comprehensive product line serving the transportation industry. We manufacture solutions for the most challenging infrastructure applications. Our high-quality engineered products are available worldwide for new construction and rehabilitation of bridges, highways, airfields, pavements and parking structures.

  • Bridges: Since the early 1960s, D.S. Brown has provided expansion joint systems and specialty products for bridges around the globe. Learn more about our solutions for bridges.
  • Pavements: Building highways and airport pavements to last is a challenging engineering assignment, especially when the pavement must withstand heavy traffic, weather extremes, debilitating fuels and de-icing chemicals. You need reliable products with a proven track record. Learn more about our solutions for pavements.
  • Architectural: D.S. Brown provides a variety of expansion joint products for parking garages and other architectural applications. Learn more about our architectural solutions.

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