Owner: St. Lawrence County

Project Description

In 2012, the St. Lawrence County Department of Public Works began a critical bridge maintenance project in Massena, New York. The Alcoa Street Bridge was sprayed with D.S. Brown’s Deckguard waterproofing membrane, protecting it from water penetration and corrosion prior to application of a new asphalt overlay.

Deckguard Spray Membrane System

Deckguard provides a watertight barrier on both steel and concrete substrates against freeze-thaw degradation and the corrosive effects of winter salt spray ensuring extended service life of bridge structures. This innovative waterproofing material has been tested to meet or exceed the most stringent DOT and AREMA standards.

D.S. Brown is the only manufacturer of waterproofing membranes who evaluates each product batch and offers a spectrograph analysis to assure installed product quality. D.S. Brown also provides onsite Quality Assurance inspections for the duration of each project.

Products Used