Owner: Maryland Transportation Authority

Project Description

The Chesapeake Bay Bridges link the Baltimore – Washington Metropolitan Area to Ocean City, Maryland and other coastal destinations. In 2012, the Maryland Transportation Authority announced a preservation project for both the eastbound and westbound structures that included re-wrapping the span’s suspension cables and installing a dehumidification system.

Dehumidification of enclosed steel cables on suspension bridges is accepted and employed as an active corrosion protection method on many new and rehabilitated suspension bridges around the world.


Cableguard Elastomeric Cable Wrap System

D.S. Brown’s Cableguard creates a flexible, watertight seal that is ideal for use with cable dehumidification systems. This effective sealing wrap is applied to a bridge’s main suspension cable and a dehumidification system forces air through the enclosed cable. A control and monitoring system provides ongoing and automatic adjustments to the system to correct real-time conditions and maintain optimum humidity. This innovative protective wrap is easily installed and accommodates future cable inspection. Cableguard is also available in many colors for new bridge construction and rehabilitation projects.

Products Used