Owner: Florida Department of Transportation

Project Description

The Dolphin – Palmetto Interchange Project is the twelfth and final section of the new 16-mile Palmetto Expressway. This section was one of the largest and most complex highway projects in Florida. Located at the center of Miami – Dade County near the Miami International Airport, the four-level interchange is traveled by more than 430,000 vehicles each day.

D.S. Brown Products

Versiflex HLMR Pot Bearing Assemblies are especially suited for curved or skewed bridges and other complex structures where the direction of rotation varies or cannot be precisely determined. The new interchange at Palmetto and Dolphin Expressways required fixed, guided, and multi-directional pot bearings.

Because of their proven long-term structural performance, finger expansion joints were specified by the owner for this project and D.S. Brown’s segmental joints were utilized for larger movements on all bridges.

Products Used