Owner: Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Project Information

Eggner’s Ferry Bridge was originally constructed across the Tennessee River in 1932 and the span was further elevated ten years later to accommodate the creation of Kentucky Lake. It served the surrounding counties for decades, but plans were developed to replace the bridge as traffic continued to increase. The new structure was to be a tied-arch bridge with four lanes of roadway, a walkway and bike path.

These plans changed in 2012 when the cargo vessel Delta Mariner crashed into the bridge, causing the collapse of its main span. An emergency operation was quickly started to install a truss span to replace the collapsed bridge. D.S Brown provided four Versiflex HLMR Pot Bearings for this critical project and helped restore the US 68/Kentucky Route 80 commuter corridor ahead of schedule.

Versiflex HLMR Pot Bearing Assemblies

Versiflex HLMR Pot Bearings are ideal in applications where low-profile, high-load bearing devices are required. These are especially suited for complex structures like the Eggner’s Ferry Bridge, allowing for horizontal movements in a single direction and the capability to resist externally-applied horizontal forces in the orthogonal direction. Fixed bearing assemblies transmit horizontal forces in any direction through contact between the piston and the inside of the pot wall. Horizontal movement is restricted in all directions while accommodating rotational movement of the bridge superstructure.

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