Delastic® Preformed Pavement Seals Are The Right Solution For Regional Airports

Delastic® Preformed Pavement Seals and DSB 1516 Lubricant Adhesive were used in the recent Southeast Iowa Regional Airport runway reconstruction. Credit – John Gaines


Smaller regional airports are leveraging Delastic® Preformed Pavement Seals and their long lifespan for projects including runway reconstruction, runway rehabilitation and runway extension.

Delastic® Preformed Pavement Seals for concrete pavement have one main purpose: to prevent water and debris from entering the joint. If that happens, the pavement can crack, chip, buckle and prematurely deteriorate. This FAA-approved joint sealant has the lowest lifecycle costs and saves regional airports on maintenance overhead and rehabilitation costs.

Three regional Iowa airports completed Delastic projects in 2020:

The Southeast Iowa Regional Airport in Burlington, Iowa was a larger scale project involving a reconstructed runway and additional pavement.

Each regional airport took advantage of Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funding for their projects. Smaller general aviation (GA) airports do not have the funding mechanisms like parking and concessions to cover future out-of-pocket maintenance. Therefore, by utilizing Delastic Preformed Pavement Seals, these airports receive a long-lasting joint sealant funded mainly by AIP funding while eliminating the cost of joint seal maintenance in the near term.

McClure Engineering, Henriksen Contracting and Fahrner Asphalt were partners on the Iowa airport projects.

Delastic® Installation Overview

Delastic® Preformed Pavement Seals are also known as compression joint seals. They are installed in a compressed state and remain in contact with the joint walls while allowing the concrete pavement to expand and contract during temperature changes. Delastic® Preformed Pavement Seals are extruded from compounds of polychloropene, which meet or exceed current ASTM standard specifications.

There are other joint seal products available, but each has its disadvantages. Silicone sealants must be installed under very clean and dry conditions to perform properly. This cleanliness requirement is often difficult to achieve in a construction environment. Hot pour asphalt systems do not age well and require the pavement joints to be resealed often, significantly increasing the overall cost.

Advantages of Delastic®

Delastic® Preformed Pavement Seals are the primary sealing system for concrete pavement slabs in highways, airport aprons and runways. Delastic® Preformed Pavement Seals offer these distinct advantages:

  • Dramatic reduction in concrete joint spalling
  • Extended performance life (15-25 years)
  • Resistance to jet fuel, de-icing fluids and other chemicals
  • Installation is not weather sensitive
  • Speed of installation
  • Product cleanliness
  • No sandblasting required
  • Ease of inspection
  • Delastic® Preformed Pavement Seals meet or exceed ASTM D 2628, FAA P604, AASHTO M-220, USACE 02762, USACE 32- 13-73 and CRD-C 548 Standard Specifications

Delastic® Products

Go to the D.S. Brown Online Store for Delastic® Preformed Pavement Seals and DSB 1516 Lubricant Adhesive or contact your D.S. Brown pavement representatives – Uriah Carpenter (Central) | Ryan Sypherd (West) | Darren Johnson (East) to purchase products.

Training for Delastic® and Delastall® Kompressor

D.S. Brown often hosts training sessions for Delastic Preformed Pavement Seals, which cover a variety of topics, including how to successfully install pavement seals using our Delastall® Kompressor installation machine. Attendees receive classroom instruction, hands-on installation demos, and are guided through recommended maintenance protocols for the Delastall® Kompressor.

A positive training return on investment is quickly realized with properly installed products and higher productivity.

Resources & Support for Delastic® Preformed Pavement Seals

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