Structural Bearing Assembly Solutions for Every Span

The D.S. Brown Company has provided high-quality bearing assemblies and expansion joint systems  for bridges around the globe since the early 1960s. Critical transportation infrastructure is supported on bearing assemblies to transmit forces while accommodating all structural movements.

For over 50 years, D.S. Brown’s  bearing assemblies have been used in the construction of new bridges, the rehabilitation of existing bridge structures, and other applications like buildings, arenas, shear-key bumpers, and vibration devices for machinery. D.S. Brown offers and supports a variety of structural bearing assemblies for any situation or requirement including the following assemblies.

The selection of an appropriate bearing type for your project is based on the magnitude of vertical and horizontal forces transmitted through the bearing assembly, as well as the amount of displacement and rotation of the superstructure elements. In addition, special attention to the bearing assembly design may be necessary when, for example, larger than normal horizontal loading or uplift situations exist.

D.S. Brown is one of the leading suppliers of structural bearing assemblies in the world. With extensive experience and utilizing the latest technologies, our D.S. Brown team can efficiently design, manufacture and test Versiflex™ high-load multi-rotational (HLMR) bearing assemblies for all types of construction.

The D.S. Brown team is always available to work closely with bridge owners and engineering design consultants to assist in the design, selection and testing of each of these high-quality structural bearing assemblies.


Versiflex™ HLMR Pot Bearing Assemblies

Versiflex™ HLMR Pot Bearing Assemblies are suitable at locations where low-profile, high-load bearing devices are required. Versiflex™ HLMR Pot Bearing Assemblies are especially suited for curved or skewed bridges and other complex structures where the direction of rotation varies or cannot be precisely determined.

The addition of guide bars to the multi-directional bearing device allows for horizontal movements in a single direction and the capability to resist externally-applied horizontal forces in the orthogonal direction. Orientation of the guide bars in a direction parallel to the structural movement is critical.

Caption: The Versiflex™ HLMR bearing assembly consists of a shallow steel cylinder, or pot, which contains a tight-fitting elastomeric disc thinner than the depth of the cylinder. The pot is a one-piece machined component.


Versiflex™ HLMR Disc Bearing Assemblies

Versiflex™ HLMR Disc Bearing Assemblies consist of an elastomeric disc made of unconfined polyether-urethane polymer to accommodate rotation between two metal plates. The vertical loads are transferred by the elastomeric disc. Horizontal shear forces are transmitted between upper and lower plates by a dowel pin mechanism in the center of the bearing.

Versiflex HLMR Disc Bearing Assemblies were used on the curved parking ramp that wraps around the National Veterans Memorial & Museum, Columbus, Ohio. The $75 million, 50,000-square-foot tribute to all American military veterans was completed in 2018.

The Memorial and Museum is an unusual building with three concentric circles created with poured-in-place concrete.


Versiflex™ HLMR Spherical Bearing Assemblies

Versiflex™ HLMR Spherical Bearing Assemblies are most utilized at locations where very high vertical loads and/or large structural rotations are present.

Versiflex™ Elastomeric Bearing Assemblies

Versiflex™ Elastomeric Bearing Assemblies are custom molded using neoprene or natural rubber and are categorized into three basic designs: non-reinforced, laminated and sliding bearing assemblies.

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About the D.S. Brown Company

The D.S. Brown Company, founded in 1890, designs, supplies and manufactures engineered rubber, steel and concrete products for the transportation and infrastructure sector. D.S. Brown’s proprietary product line includes expansion joints, structural bearings, and waterproofing systems for constructing and rehabilitating highways and bridges. D.S. Brown’s home office and manufacturing facilities are in North Baltimore, Ohio.

D.S. Brown is fully integrated, performing and controlling all manufacturing processes internally:

  • Research and Development
  • Engineering Design/CAD Detailing
  • Extruding, Molding and Testing
  • Custom Steel Fabrication and Machining

D.S. Brown has the most comprehensive product-line serving the transportation industry. We manufacture solutions for the most challenging infrastructure applications. Our high-quality engineered products are available worldwide for new construction and rehabilitation of bridges, highways, airfields, pavements, and parking structures.

  • Bridges: Since the early 1960s, D.S. Brown has provided expansion joint systems and specialty products for bridges around the globe. Learn more about our solutions for bridges.
  • Pavements: Building highways and airport pavements to last is a challenging engineering assignment, especially when the pavement must withstand heavy traffic, weather extremes, debilitating fuels and de-icing chemicals. You need reliable products with a proven track record. Learn more about our solutions for pavements.
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